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Kyn'Freya is the Dwarven capital, and happens to be their largest city. It resides under the gigantic mountain that the Dwarves call "Lyyum'Freya".

The Dwarves have named their capital "Kyn'Freya", which means "Eternal Riches", because it would take many years to fully deplete Lyyum'Freya of riches, thus the Dwarven city gets a continuous amount of resources non-stop. This Dwarven city also happens to be the richest city in the entire world of Eyrion.

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Synkeren is the Snow Elf capital, and rests on the peak of Lyyum'Freya, which is considered the coldest place in all of Eyrion.

The Snow Elves named their capital "Synkeren", which means Sanctuary, as it is a very peaceful place that almost no one except the Snow Elves can reach. Since the peak of the mountain is so cold, almost anyone other than a Snow Elf who attempts to get here will freeze to death.

The Snow Elves rarely leave the peak, being a very secretive race. The Dwarves haven't even discovered the Snow Elves yet, but some Dwarves clame they have seen ghosts within the many tunnels of Lyyum'Freya. Some Dwarves even claim that the mountain is haunted because of this.

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The largest of the mountains in the Dwarven Mountains happens to have the most riches of any Mountains within the region. The mountain is larger than Mt. Everest, physically Dwarfing it by half. The very peak of the mountain is considered the coldest place on Eyrion, and it happens to be the capital of the secretive Snow Elves.

Lyyum'Freya is Dwarven for "Full of Riches", given the fact that although the Dwarves have mined a amazing amount, they've barely reached half a quarter, as the mountain contains a vast amount of riches beyond measure. The Dwarves guard this mountain with their lives, as they claim it is and will only be theirs.

The Dwarven capital city is a very large one, residing under the mountain. The Dwarven people have named it "Kyn'Freya", meaning "Eternal Riches" given the fact that mining Lyyum'Freya to a complete depletion of resources would take many years, so the Dwarves will continuously get resources from this mountain without it fully depleting until many years to come.

The Snow Elves capital is at the very peak of Lyyum'Freya, and it is considered the coldest and most secretive place on Eyrion. The Snow Elves call their capital Synkeren, meaning "Sanctuary, mainly because no one dares to venture toward Lyyum'Freya's peak, as usually only the Snow Elves can stand the unbearable freezomg cold.
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